Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Year. Final Update.

It's been a year since I posted. I have not been back to New Orleans or our home in Slidell since we moved here. We have kept up with many of our friends who are still there, and I miss them terribly.

We finally sold our Slidell home in Slidell last December, and we have moved out of the rental home here and into a permanent one in a friendly neighborhood. The kids are enjoying their schools, and they've made lots of friends. They enjoyed some sledding and fun experiences with snow this winter.

Having a little deja vu at the moment. You see, we had a severe hail storm here a couple of months ago and people are still working on repairs. Listening to the roofing contractors on the neighbor's homes all around me during the past month or so has been very reminiscent of our days in Slidell after the storm. I'm looking forward to having our roof repaired in the next week, so we can nestle in for winter again.

Life goes on.

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