Friday, February 03, 2006

Neighbor Roof

My neighbors across the street are having their new roof installed today.

That's their blue tarp all over the ground. The roofers use it to catch all the thousands of nails that come off when they pull up the old roof.

Some FEMA inspectors came to my door yesterday trying to find the owner of the other house across the street so they could inspect the trailer they put there a couple of weeks ago. Things were sort of mixed up because FEMA still has the name of the former owners of the house.


Devra said...

Why do they need to inspect the trailer? Are they concerned about termites? LOL

Laurel said...

It's the government! They inspect it before they install it, they inspect it when they put it in, then, they send some more guys out to re-inspect it. Then just for fun, they do it one more time, and it's still probably not right. Our tax dollars at work.