Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hi Grandma! We're fine!

We're fine! The kids are fine. Here's a picture as proof. I took it right after lunch today. Five minutes from now they will still be fine. And by this afternoon, they are probably going to be fine again.

We got the hell out of there before the real hell arrived. We are safe and sound. The nightmare continues to grow for others at home in and around our city, but we took no chances with our precious darlings and left town when we were told. A lot of people lost their lives because they thought they could beat Mother Nature. I actually saw a woman on tv who was angry with herself for not leaving and now had to evacuate anyway. At least she took personal responsibility and didn't blame everyone else. We've seen those pictures from Florida. We knew what could happen. All I know is that "We were warned".

So, basically we're fine, but our emotions are still fragile. I feel happy and secure one minute, especially when I am watching the horror show on tv. Then I feel weak, vulnerable, scared and exhausted when I think about the living conditions we will be facing when we return home. Part of me feels like never going back. At times I think it might just be easier to start over somewhere else from scratch. I have to keep reminding myself that we are alive. We are inconvienced a little, but we are are comfortable. And I am eternally grateful to the members of my family and friends who have reached out to us. I know that not everyone has that.

Now I know how all those Florida resident's feel. It's big news for a few days for the whole country, but before long it will be back to business for the rest of America while the personal hell where we live will continue for months and probably years. My husband and I used to joke about how New Orleans was sometimes like a 3rd world country, and now when we consider the living conditions we're facing, it is more true than ever

On another note, although I really created this blog to keep my family and friends updated, the story of our exodus has gotten a little attention from some people I don't know at all, starting with PunditGuy who wrote about us in his blog today: Wandering Refugees

We're also mentioned here: One Family’s Story, American Refugee, and Katrina Refugee. And a quick blurb on and Florida Cracker. Also, one blogger made this note regarding the "Before" photo I took of our home just before we evacuated and wrote:

I Wish Them Well
"I'm not very big on weather disaster stories, but for some reason this one grabbed me. Maybe it's the picture of that house, silent,
pristine, calm....


Hubby is hoping to be able to get home this weekend, so maybe we'll get the "after" photo then. And guess what? The kids are still fine!


Steph said...

Hi guys,
Don't forget, our door is ALWAYS open to all of you for as long as it takes.
I love you all,

Baron Bodissey said...

I also passed your URL on to Florida Cracker and she has a mention here. There's something compelling about your story. Our hearts go out to you.

Anonymous said...

Laurel, please send me an email message. I'd like to ask you something. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I came across a link to your website on in the "clicked" blog section. I live in Illinois and don't know anyone in the south. Your account of the evacuation and devastation of the hurricane puts a real face on something most of us can only imagine. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Michelle said...

I used to live in Slidell, so my parents evacuated to my home in Alabama. They left the day after, determined(against my wishes) to get home and see if the house was still there.
I can't contact them, so I am very upset at this point.
Somehow, your blog made me feel just a little better... maybe that's because you're a mom.
Thanks for sharing, and if you hear any info on the Bayou Liberty area, please post.
Thanks again for the quiet blessing.
~ M.

Anonymous said...

This is Melinda Cobb. I am Kaytlin Fricke's mother. I came across your blog from another link and I am so relieved to see more familiar faces safe and sound. We are in Missouri. Kaytlin has been so upset, it will be great to show her this so she will know her friends survived. God bless and take care!!

db said...

An LSU student (I think) posted several pictures of the scene in Slidell, taken by a Slidell resident returning from refugeehood to check his house. A caption on each photo gives the precise location of the scene ("Hwy. 11 looking southbound", "Intersection of Gause and Front St", etc). Perhaps those photos -- along with his travelogue -- will give you some clues as to the state of your neighborhood.

db said...

The Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is collating info on status reports on Sidell. Lots of photos and snippets of damage reports collected from all over.

I stumbled on this site while surfing this morning, and figured you'd like to know about it. The magic of the blogosphere!

Nilk said...

Hi there, Laurel,

I followed the link from florida cracker, and just letting you know that there are plenty of prayers heading your way from Oz.
God bless.

Jimmie said...

Hi Laurel aka Big Sis...just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers...we are doing everything we can in Houston to help our friends in Louisiana...God bless all of you and your family..stay in touch...Jimmie

Christy Cornell said...

Hey Laurel - Carol Simpson's sister here wishing you guys the very best and praying for your family. My house is always open to you too if you guys come down to Memphis and/or need anything.

Christy Cornell -

Susan Douglas Kelley said...

Dear Laurel,
We have big house up here in Illinois with good schools, right on the lake....We'd love to have you stay with us. Regardless, my thoughts and prayers are with you, the family, and your friends and neighbors in LA. Love, Susie

Mike Ander said...

I'm looking for my cousins Ed & Mary Ward from Chalmette, Louisiana. If anyone knows where they are please email me at . Thank you.

Mike Ander

ALvin said...

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