Thursday, September 01, 2005

News of Our Neighborhood

These were posted by Stephen from Slidell who went home yesterday (Wed): Photos from the Neighborhood

No pictures of our house yet, but the news is still good. Some of those are taken just a stone's throw (or a tree toss) from our house. The ones labled "Entrance to Breckenridge" are taken at the end of my my street. Also, the photo labled, "View driving down Pearl Acres toward French Branch subdivision" is right nearby too. The photos of Willow Wood subdivision are also not far away, and it has homes that are similiar in construction to ours.

We are relieved to see that the homes are still there and don't really appear to have that much damage. I'm shocked that so many of the shingles are still in tact. Even the windows look ok - at least the ones that don't have a tree through them. We don't have any tall trees in our yard, so even if we lost any of our trees there is little chance of damage from trees to our house. I'm encouraged to see that so many people have returned already from seeing the cars in the photos.

The most encouraging is the picture of the Farmers Market in town which sits demolished but they are still selling all kinds of food out in front of it! Just look at all those juicy oranges!

Also extremely encouraging is this report. about the Slidell area from Stephen via his brother Josh.

We are starting to discuss going home this weekend. I know there will be no food, gasoline, gas, phones, or electricity, but we can check it out and get some of the things we need if we decide to stay somewhere else until conditions improve. Maybe just hubby will go take a look and I'll stay here with the kids. It sounds like many of the roads are open at least, and people are starting to return to little ol' Slidell.

I don't want to get too excited though. My husband's job is over in the HellHole they used to call New Orleans. :-(


Juls said...

La, I love this photo, it made me cry! Its good to see the kids doing fine (and even the rotten dog!) You have already touched so many of us who know you, now you are touching the world.

Adam said...

FYI, I was reading our paper here this morning (The Toronto Star), and noticed that two reporters are stationed in Slidell that you might be able to get a hold of and request a check on your house.

Their names are Tim Harper and Lucas Oleniuk. Couldn't find email addresses, but check out their contact page ( and see if you can get a response from one of the more general email addresses.

Hope this helps!

Cynthia F & Shekinah Cohen said...

Thanks so much for keeping the world posted and sharing what's happening.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad it looks like the news on your home is good...sorry I missed the cnn report...keep the faith and know that our thoughts are with you ....Jimmie