Sunday, September 04, 2005

Aerial Photographs of Slidell

Here is a link to military fly-over pictures of Slidell, New Orleans and surrounding areas showing the hurricane damage. It may take a while to find your house and not all of the pictures are oriented to the land, so look carefully to find yours.

I found my house and marked it with a yellow arrow. You can see the fences down everywhere and some of the neighboring houses missing a lot of shingles. Click the picture for a bigger version. Also, here is the photo of the whole neighborhood including Meadowlake and Breckenridge.
Here is the same picture of Meadowlake and Breckenridge at the military website in case you are able to get better resolution there. Like I said. Our neighborhood did really well considering what it was up against.

Here was the path of Katrina from the military page listed above, only I have marked the areas of Slidell and New Orleans so my friends can have a better idea of where we are:
To click the squares for close up aerial photos, use this link:
As you can see, the eye of the storm basically went just east of New Orleans and right over my house. We are amazed that our home held up so well. I thank God that this is one less thing we have to worry about now while we put our lives back together.


katie g. said...

This is great news! I have family that also live in Slidell and also evacuated to Nashville. I hope their house faired as well as yours. I am going to pass the aerial link along to them. My thoughts are with you.

Becky said...

Maybe you've already seen this, but here's an article about banks setting up telephone numbers for their customers displaced by the hurricane:


Betty said...

Yes, another Jan 99 Mom glad to hear you and your family (and probably your house) are ok.

Our thoughts go out to everyone hit by the storm and its aftermath. Here in Colorado, my son's elementary school has already started a fundraising effort because the kids really want to help.