Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fence Going Up!

Our fence guys came last week and installed the posts. Today they are busy installing the boards. It's a local guy who is subcontracting on a local building company's license. His crew consists of his fiance and another guy. I haven't seen to many women out on construction teams. Good for her.

There was some sort of activity two doors down at Joe's house this afternoon. They have a crew of migrant workers working on their fence. A few minutes ago, two sheriff's deputies took one of them away in handcuffs and the other four guys on the crew ran off. No one seems to know what that was all about, or who even called the sherriff. I guess we'll find out later. Or maybe we'll never know.

We have a new debris pile in our front yard from what was left of our old fence. Our fencing guys are supposed to haul it away. Speaking of debris -- for any of my St. Tammany Parish neighbors reading this: There is now a hotline to call if you have more debris that needs to be picked up. This is for unincorporated areas of St. Tammany. It was in this morning's paper: (985)898-2323 weekdays from 8-4:30pm. If you have applicances you can call the EPA at (800) 401-1327.

Update on our new cat: He is cuddly and adorable. We seemed to have picked the perfect pet for our family. Here are some cute pictures of our dog Oscar and Rocky getting along famously. They were both sitting and looking out the window watching the fence crew this morning. Too cute.


Devra said...

Aww, they look so wonderful! Can't wait to meet the new kitty in a couple of months!

Jimmie said...

Oscar looks fabulous, no more collar, the eye must be healing quite nicely...love the new kitty, what a great Christmas present for your crew..glad the fence guys showed now it will look like your home again(:

Have a blessed Christmas, Jimmie